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Handcrafted Hats by Brandon Wise
Made in the U.S.A.

California Original


Custom Hats


Dress Weight

Brim Size: 1"to 3"

100X Beaver Felt: $500 to $750

10X European Hare: $300 to $450


Western Weight

Brim Size: 2-1/2" to 5"

100X Beaver Felt: $600 to $850

50X Beaver Blend: $400 to $550

10X European Hare: $350 to $500






-100X is full Beaver fur and is the finest hat material.

With a Satin finish, lightweight and the most durable,

100X is an investment made to last generations of adventure in any weather.


-50X is a blend of beaver fur and European Hare and is a high quality felt with good weather protection.


-10X is wild Eurpean Hare fur and is a great western staple.




*Prices are depending upon type of band, trim, Stampede String and any extras

*Each hat is custom handmade per order using old school tools & techniques and take up to 4 weeks to make

*All hats have a lifetime warrenty on sweatband, shape, bands

*All hats are fully American made of the highest quality fur felt and sheepskin leather sweatbands

*$150 non-refundable deposit is needed upfront to start your order. The rest when the hat is done.























Fur Felt Color


The Hatter offers fur felt hat restoration to all hats in need. Bring in your hat filled with memories and give it a new beginning.


The Wise Hatter Hats44
The Wise Hatter Hats43
The Wise Hatter Hats42
The Wise Hatter Hats41
The Wise Hatter Hats40
The Wise Hatter Hats39
The Wise Hatter Hats38
The Wise Hatter Hats37
The Wise Hatter Hats36
The Wise Hatter Hats35
The Wise Hatter Hats32
The Wise Hatter Hats31
The Wise Hatter Hats30
The Wise Hatter Hats29
The Wise Hatter Hats28
The Wise Hatter Hats33
The Wise Hatter Hats27
The Wise Hatter Hats34
The Wise Hatter Hats26
The Wise Hatter Hats25
The Wise Hatter Hats19
The Wise Hatter Hats24
The Wise Hatter Hats14
The Wise Hatter Hats23
The Wise Hatter Hats22
The Wise Hatter Hats21
The Wise Hatter Hats20
The Wise Hatter Hats18
The Wise Hatter Hats08
The Wise Hatter Hats09
The Wise Hatter Hats10
The Wise Hatter Hats11
The Wise Hatter Hats12
The Wise Hatter Hats07
The Wise Hatter Hats13
The Wise Hatter Hats15
The Wise Hatter Hats16
The Wise Hatter Hats06
The Wise Hatter Hats05
The Wise Hatter Hats04
The Wise Hatter Hats03
The Wise Hatter Hats02
The Wise Hatter Hats17
The Wise Hatter Hats01
Our work

About the Hatter

Let me start by saying that I love making hats! I eat, breath, sleep and talk hats. I love what a hat means to America and it's rich culture history of pirates, Native Americans, cowboys and more. I strive to connect to the past through each one of my hats. My hats are a extension of who I am. I use old techniques and tools to create the perfect hats for my clients. From Top hats to cowboy hats, I love making them all.


What I love almost more than making hats, is connecting to the people I make hats for. There is no better feeling then when someone comes in to pick up their hat. Making a hat that will last them their lifetime and longer gives me a sense of purpose and fulfilment. I love hatting all types of people. Each time I hat someone I get to create a friendship and make that person a hat to protect them.


My hats are purpose made to protect those who wear them. The Arrow on my hats and on my sweatbands stands for protection. I chose my logo because of my Native American background and that I want my hats to protect those who wear them. Each hat is made to be a part of the person I made it for. My hats are made to be worn and made for adventure. I make hats that my ancestors would be proud to wear.


I'm inspired by history, music, paintings, photographs, books, poems, and the people I meet. I love what I do and my work is a extension of my love. I am inspired by my parents and the hatters who have come before me.


Through my life, I have been in construction, painted, played music, photographed, built motorcycles, and tour guide. Each job has helped me collect life tools that I now use. I use my education in cultural anthropology and my love of history to connect to the past and present.

I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, surrounded by hills and ranches. I am a craftsman who makes hats for anyone in need. From fashion to freedom, my hats go everywhere.


I have made hats for cowboys, artists, musicians, CEO's, surfers, outdoorsmen, office workers, moms and dads, local shop owners and travelers. My hats are 100% all American products and sewn using the strongest materials.  I use the best fur felt and leather from long standing companies in the United States. Each hat is fully hand made per order and built to last generations. I make my hats to be worn with pride.


Contact the Hatter

Culver City, CA

Tel: 818-357-7761




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